Hot Girls and Ice Cream: Aphrodisiac Pays Us a Visit (Pictures)

Just another day in the life at Miami New Times. Editorial meeting, a little writing, beautiful girls pole-dancing in the parking lot.

Are you jealous yet? Yesterday at lunchtime, the staff at New Times was treated to a little ice-cream party. We know, we know, big deal. Lots of offices have ice-cream parties, right? Well, yes. But maybe not exactly like we have them.

Justine Price, Jacqueline Suzanne, and Jessica Jones from Aphrodisiac Ice Cream served us some delicious ice cream -- with a side of show!

Let us remind you that Aphrodsiac Ice Cream features homemade ice cream served by beautiful models. The company van is well equipped with a freezer, a counter, and stripper poles. The girls, by the way, are well equipped too.

While our employees were delighted at the midafternoon treat, our building management staff was immune to the charms of ice cream and eye candy, making the van and girls move off the property. Oh well, that's the way the ice-cream cone melts, we guess.

Pictures of our ice-cream party, after the jump:

Aphrodisiac Ice Cream co-owner Jacqueline Suzanne works the pole.

Bet the Good Humor man never did this.

Jessica Jones dishes out the ice cream.

Jacqueline Suzanne takes a break. It's hot. Time for ice cream.

Aphrodisiac's homemade ice cream with crumbled Oreos and sprinkles. Prices range: $3 to $6 for a cup.

Oreo Heath Bar ice cream with a caramel swirl.

Because you don't get rich selling ice cream.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.