Hey Tom Logue, Bob Cuevas, Miami-Dade County, Sue Us! Please!

A few weeks back, we reported that blogger Sef Gonzalez, better known as Burger Beast, had received a "cease and desist" email from Assistant County Attorney Thomas Logue, who earns more than $200K, because the "Beast" was using a logo that resembled the Miami-Dade County "sled trademark".

A week later, Mr. Gonzalez removed his logo from his site. In a reply to the county, Mr. Gonzalez's Attorney, Luis Andre Gazitua, stated that although "the Burger Beast is confident that he would prevail on the merits but does not want to turn a good-natured attempt to foster civic pride and promote local businesses into a fight with the County over a logo. "

We at Short Order got to thinking....we could always use a few bucks (plus we have an art department). Why not make and sell our own T-shirts? So far, we have peddled 200 shirts and earned about $2,000. So c'mon Tommy boy, sue us! Don't have the cojones? Maybe your boss, Bob Cuevas, does. We double dare you. Triple dare you!

We hereby present the Short Order T-shirt (and trucker hat):

They are selling so fast that we're running low. But don't worry, we'll make more.

We even have a special offer for Miami-Dade County employees: if you're a Miami-Dade attorney or a commissioner (or play one on TV, or even vaguely resemble one), buy a shirt and get a trucker hat for free!

If you would like a shirt or hat, just reply in the comments field. Please include a valid email address and your cease-and-desist statement. Those overpaid county attorneys will be in touch.

Follow Short Order on Facebook and Twitter @Short_Order.

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