Guy Gets Naked On Table In Packed Restaurant For $15,000 Watch

Short Order recently met James, a veteran waiter with more war stories than a hundred year old soldier. Here's a funny story:

"I was working at Capital Grille at the time and this table of guys are eating dinner. One of em's got on this $15,000 watch, one of those Pierre somethings, whatever, a fuckin' $15,000 watch. So this guy's asking him about the watch, he'd do anything for it, that kind of thing. So the guy says, "If you stand up on the table, get naked, and spin around, I'll give you the watch." Sure enough the guy stands up, gets on the table, takes off all his clothes, keep in mind the place is packed, gotta be three hundred people in there eating, fine dining steakhouse. So he gets down off the table, puts his clothes back on and says, "Alright, I did it, gimme the watch." His buddy looks over at him, pauses, and says "Nah. You didn't spin around." Hahahaha. Fifteen-fuckin'-thousand-dollar watch."

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