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Grilled Chicken Chipotle Sandwich: Get it While it Lasts

​We first discovered the grilled chicken chipotle sandwich ($2.79) from Pollo Tropical upon the recommendation of a friend who had to convince us to try it, knowing that we refused to eat Pollo Tropical until the day came when we became trapped inside one of the restaurants during a plague of locusts.

Our first experience with the GCC sandwich was exquisite. The sandwich was an exercise in simplicity, and a beautiful one at that. Lightly toasted white sandwich roll, an enormous, marinated grilled chicken breast, lettuce and tomato. Oh, and a very light spread of chipotle mayo. Simple. Beautiful.

And tastes fantastic. We add a little of Pollo Tropical's curry mustard and guava barbecue sauce--a great combination if you haven't tried it. The sandwich is so good that we sometimes get non-pregnancy related cravings, sometimes eating two sandwiches in place of dinner.

The GCC is a reasonably healthy alternative to fast-food burgers and it is also much, much tastier. You better take advantage of it before it goes the way of all of Pollo Tropical's menu items that actually taste good, like the grilled chicken sandwich on ciabatta roll. For some inexplicable reason, Pollo Tropical has a history of eliminating anything that tastes good from its menu. It must be because with actual tastier items, no one will buy the dry flavorless chicken and the bland black beans and rice.

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Ily Goyanes
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