Get Free Lunch Today by Tweeting an Emoji

If you're looking for something to spice up your Wednesday, you're in luck. How does free lunch sound?

Get your midday grub today by sending a simple tweet. On the menu: hamburgers and veggie burgers, courtesy of Verizon Wireless. 

Verizon and Fooji, an on-demand food-ordering service, will fulfill orders at local Miami eateries and deliver meals to your desired location through partnerships with GrubHub and Seamless. 

Once you've signed up for Fooji, tweet to @Verizon with your emoji order. Use the burger emoji to order a burger or the corn emoji for a veggie burger. And don't forget to add the #WhyNotWednesday hashtag at the end. @Verizon will then confirm the order with the user on Twitter, along with an email receipt.

But there's a catch: Only the first 4,000 customers will get a free meal. Don't worry: Once the giveaway is over, Verizon will announce a 20 percent off code to use @gofooji for the rest of the day.

It's part of Verizon's #WhyNotWednesday campaign, a customer appreciation program that gives millennial consumers a little something through a surprise contest each week.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday's #WhyNotWednesday by checking Tumblr or Twitter.

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