From Popeye to Obelix: Ten Food-Lovin' Cartoon Characters

Cartoon and comic strip characters have favorite foods just like real people. Their tastes seem to be rather humble, too -- pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches are often the craving, not filet mignon with sauce Béarnaise or inside-out sushi rolls. Here are ten food addictions of penciled-in (but not necessarily pencil-thin) characters:

10. Garfield: The grouchy guy loves his lasagna. He also likes pizza, which makes sense in terms of the story line -- Garfield was born in an Italian restaurant. The cat hates spinach, though, and it was revealed in 1979 that he also abhors raisins.

9. Dagwood Bumstead: Cartoonist Murat "Chic" Young gave his Blondie character a sandwich addiction back in the Thirties. Dagwood loves nothing more than piling up a mile-high sandwich from whatever could be found in the fridge -- almost always eaten late at night. A recipe for Dagwood's "Skyscraper Special" was printed in a Blondie cookbook from 1947, and included sardines and baked beans.

8. Homer Simpson: The champ of bad chomping, Homer is a poster-boy for anything all-American and all-unhealthy: Burgers, pizza, hoagie sandwiches, and donuts -- washed down with lots of beer.

7. Eric Cartman: Every South Park fan's favorite fat boy loves his Cheesy Poofs. In one episode, Cartman aspires to be the Cheesy Poof spokesperson: "I could sing the Cheesy Poof song with both hands tied behind my back!" he claims. To which Kyle responds: "You couldn't get both hands behind your back, fatty!"

6. Snoopy: The Peanut's dog loves his dog food -- preferably on time! -- but also goes in for pizza, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and angel food cake with Seven Minute Frosting (the recipe for which comes from Woodstock's bird friend Harriet, who offered it up in a 1980 strip). Snoopy's favorite beverage is root beer, but never offer him coconut -- he hates it as much as his creator Charles Schulz did. Charlie Brown also dislikes coconut, as well as hot dogs, soggy cereal, and angel food cake.

5. Super Goof: Who is Super Goof? Why it's Goofy's alter-ego, who trails alongside Mickey Mouse in the latter's detective tales. SG wears a bright red union suit, and gets his powers from peanuts growing in his back yard -- which he keeps under his cap. But you knew this, right?

4. Popeye: Yes, it's obvious, but we still have to mention that our archetypal sailor always eats his spinach when he needs extra strength -- it's the iron!

3. J. Wellington Wimpy: "I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!" is the line most associated with Wimpy, who of course is Popeye's sidekick (the original line, from 1931, was "Cook me up a hamburger. I'll pay you Thursday!" Sometimes it seems as though his entire existence revolves around scheming to eat his next burger. Might say that Wimpy was The Burger Beast of his day.

2. Winnie-the-Pooh: Serious honey addict. To nobody's surprise, the slow-witted bear is often getting into trouble with the honey bees.

1. Obelix and Asterix: The two heroes come from the famous French comic books, which are translated in over 100 languages and are popular throughout much of the world (other than America). These ancient Gauls resist Roman occupation with the help of a magic potion that gives them superhuman strength. Both characters love food, but their favorite is wild boar -- which they catch and prepare themselves.

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