Food Critic Lee Klein Launches Lee2Go Blog

When I started writing for Short Order in 2010, Lee Klein already was an established commodity in the Miami food scene, having written for Miami New Times for well over a decade.

For me, Lee is the standard bearer of what food writing should be. And, after so many years of working in what can still be called a small town in many ways, Lee managed to remain anonymous. Many times I would walk into a restaurant, and have the chef proudly proclaim they knew the venerable Klein had dined in their restaurant, only to describe someone who looked and sounded exactly the opposite of the intrepid reviewer. I always admired how he stayed "shadow man" for so many years.

After Lee left the Miami New Times, he started freelancing, for some big names like Bon Appetit, Ocean Drive, Variety, and the New York Daily News.

Yesterday, I received a message from Lee about the launch of his new website, called lee2go.com. Lee described the food-focused blog as as "informative in a light, sometimes humorous way, but also in an honest way."

The blog, which launched today, features restaurant reviews, chef interviews, travel notes, and "scrambled eggs, etc.," a place for musings on anything else that comes to Klein's mind.

Also notable is the Alterkaker Hot 3, where Klein showcases obscure musical selections from artists that only "old shitters" will recognize.

Though Lee2Go.com is new, there's some good content to check out including a piece on Todd Erickson's recent trip to Peru, where to get some decent cornbread, and a trio of the above mentioned Alterkaker tunes, entitled, "White Guys Sing the Blues."

Lee, in his own fashion, sent me the following message about Lee2Go:

"Don't worry -- it'll take me months before I can knock out Short Order."

Bring it on, Lee. I'm looking forward to going a few rounds with you. And welcome back!

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