Fire Eater: LC's Hot Sauce

LC's Roti Shop is known for the wonderful flavors in the dishes she manages to put out year after year from the tiny kitchen of her restaurant in North Miami. The secret is in the sauce and this sauce is for sale.

LC's hot sauce and mango chutney ($3-$15) are made from family recipes. For 25 years now Elsie has been making these two mouth, and eye, watering sauces every Thursday and puts them in bottles that are haphazardly stacked over her stove behind the counter.

Hot Sauces can be tricky to cook with, so when Elsie recommends that I try them both with grilled chicken, I follow her advice. With the first bite, my mouth is on fire and my eyes are watering, yet I can't stop eating. After the initial burn, the subtle flavors that make both of these condiments so complex jump out and linger on your tongue, making you want to go back for more. Not for the faint of heart but definitely a great addition to any pantry.

LC's Roti Shop
19505 NW Second Ave, North Miami

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