Fidel Castro shows up at cheese conference.
Fidel Castro shows up at cheese conference.
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Fidel Castro Shows Up at Cuban Cheese Conference

Fidel Castro is alive and well and, although we don't like the dictator's politics, there's unfortunately one thing that we have in common — a love of cheese.

Castro, who has been dealing with greatly exaggerated rumors about his death on the internet, visited the Food Industry Research Center in Guatao, Cuba, where he spoke for four hours, according to TMZ. This was the 88-year-old dictator's first public appearance in over three months. In a video released by Cuba Hoy, Castro is seen wearing a tracksuit and sporting a white beard, looking frail, though he seemed to be very animated about dairy products.

According to the Cuban News Agency AGN, the "historic leader of the Cuban Revolution" (their words), exchanged views with 19 cheesemakers who are taking a course in Havana. Also at the conference was Cuban food industry minister Maria del Carmen Concepcion and professors at the Food Industry Research Center.  

Fidel Castro Shows Up at Cuban Cheese Conference

So what exactly does Castro say to 19 cheesemongers for an entire afternoon? AGN reports the Cuban leader spoke about the impact on the food supply levels by climate change and frequent wars. Castro then heard all about cheese production in Cuba, especially the drop in production since the island nation's economic crisis in the 1990s and stated that training new cheesemakers could restore the tiny dictatorship to its former glory days — or something like that. The official propaganda speak went something like this:

"Some cheese makers with vast experience and trained in those years, explained Fidel about the actions underway to progressively recover previous cheese production levels with appropriate quality, which takes the training of new cheese makers."

This cheese news and Fidel sighting comes just days after the United States and Cuba announced plans for the re-establishment of embassies in each other's countries. The official release didn't cover which cheese is Castro's favorite type, but might we suggest a big hunk of American?

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