Dinner for 2 at Ariston: $34.95

Ariston Restaurant, New Times' 2009 winner for Best Greek Restaurant, has just premiered a new set menu that makes it the Least Expensive Greek Restaurant as well. Deal is $34.95 -- for two! -- for a three course meal that includes: Choice of Greek salad, dip of the day with pita bread, or soup; grilled chicken or lamb shish kebab or moussaka or shrimp casserole over rice pilaf; and baklava or tart of the day. Add a glass of beer or house wine for $3.95. Deal is good Monday through Thursday starting now and running through December 17th.

If you manage to arrive at Ariston on a Monday through Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., all bottled wines are 50% off. After 7:00 p.m., all bottles priced $50 and up are discounted 25%. And if you drink a lot of wine and smash some plates on the floor, 10% off the price of the plates if you clean up after yourself. Actually, I just made that last deal up, but the rest are valid.

Ariston Restaurant is located at 940 71st St., Miami Beach.  For reservations:305-864-9848.

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