Customer Claims Arby's Urinal Burned His Genitals

There are few nightmares worse for a man than having one's genitals burnt while taking an innocent pee. Seems unlikely, yet a man in Colorado claims a urinal at an Arby's restaurant in Monument sprayed steam on him while he was urinating.

Even more disturbing: When confronted, an employee of the store said, "We have that bathroom problem again." 

Wait, what? A urinal had previously blasted steam at someone and management did nothing to solve the problem? Did the first guy have a heat-resistant penis or something?

First reported by Courthouse News: Kenneth DeJoie claims that on May 28, 2010, he "was utilizing the urinal in the men's restroom when it caused a jet of steam to shoot forth from the urinal." 

The confronted employee explained that the urinal routinely malfunctioned when the kitchen sink was running. According to attorney David Stevens of Stevens & Eisenstein, that response proves the building's management was aware there was a problem that violated building codes.

According to a statement released by Arby's, they cannot discuss the matter while it "is in litigation," but they are "committed to providing quality food in a safe and healthy environment." Apparently, crotch-maiming urinals somehow fit into a "safe environment."

The plaintiff is seeking an undisclosed amount of cash "for financial losses and as a result of injuries not being able to have sex with his wife." His attorney Stevens could not comment further, except to say his client would be open to settling out of court.

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