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Crackerman Crackers Contest - Free Organic German Style Bread

Crackerman is German dude Stefan Uch. Crackerman Crackers are an extension of his and his private chef wife's efforts to challenge food industry paradigms for "natural" food products. Stefan says, "Did you know that 'natural' isn't protected? Most natural flavors are not actually natural...they only have to have the same molecular structure as what they claim to be, so they make the flavor in a lab and then add it to the food. That's what we don't do. We're the opposite of that."

Currently Crackerman Crackers produce two products, the Cracker #1 you see above, and  German Style Whole Wheat Bread.....those are the brand names. Crackerman needs some help, and that's where YOU come in. Come up with a catchy name for Crackerman's German Style Whole Wheat Bread and he'll give you his organic German bread for free. Leave your ideas as a comment on this post or email them directly to

Here are some more pictures and product info for inspiration...

Crackerman sells each loaf of bread for $5. I bought one for sampling purposes, ripped open its double plastic contraints, and tore off a piece to take a bite. I was about to chomp into it when Crackerman dove between me and the bread like a president's secret service detail ready to take a bullet to avert disaster.

"No! Not like that. When you wake up do you go right into your girlfriend?"
"Just like that? You don't kiss her first?"
"Oh yeah. That too. But this is bread, if it's not good raw, then it's not good."
"You have to treat the food right. Here, put some butter on it, tell it you love it, it's the only way."

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