Colombian Hot Dog with Cornish Hen Eggs

Colombian fast food places have popped up all over South Miami over the past few years. From La Moon on Calle Ocho all the way to Los Perros out in West Kendall, you can find people getting their perro fix way into the wee hours.

One of the most popular menu items is the super dog topped with hardboiled Cornish hen eggs. The name may vary slightly from spot to spot, but we will go with the original: the Mega Perro con huevitos de Cornish ($4.85).

It starts off with a long thin hot dog nestled in a bun, but becomes completely unrecognizable to the uninitiated from there on.

The hot dog is topped with sour cream, melted cheese, salsa de piña (pineapple sauce, you gringo), chip potatoes (we triple-checked, but that's what we were told, we think it's what Colombians call crushed potato chips), salsa rosada (Colombian "pink" sauce--basically ketchup mixed with mayo), hardboiled Cornish hen eggs, ketchup, and yellow mustard.

While the combination may sound weird, it actually works for the most part. We could do without the salsa de piña, honestly, but the eggs and the chip potatoes make a surprisingly good addition to hot dogs.

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