Coca-Cola's New Soda Dispenser Features Touch Screen, 125 Flavors (Video)

The future is upon us.

Miami's own Burger King corporation is testing a high-tech, space-age, and basically just kick ass soda dispensing machine. It was developed by the Coca-Cola company, always on the cutting edge of coolness. (The Simpsons/Coca-Cola commercial during the Super Bowl, anyone?)

The apparatus offers 125 different libations, including sodas, energy drinks, and waters, and you make your selection on a touch screen.

The machine is currently being tested at several BK restaurants in California as well as several Miami Subs locations in Broward. It's called the Freestyle and considering the sheer coolness, it would be hard to imagine using a regular soda fountain once you've experienced one of these babies.

The only issue I can foresee is for those who like to mix their drinks, Diet Coke with a splash of Sprite, or like some teens do - the Kitchen Sink Drink - a little bit of every single drink offered at the fountain. With 125 beverages, that would be EPIC.

Interesting fact: The most popular "flavor" so far in California is Peach Sprite.

This guy is just as excited as we are:

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