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Chopped Champions Finale Tonight: Giorgio Rapicavoli Goes For the Win

Almost a month ago, chef and owner of Eating House, Giorgio Rapicavoli, competed in Food Network's first ever Chopped Champions and won in the professional round. No stranger to the chopping block and kitchen, Rapicavoli was the first Miami chef to win Chopped and Chopped Champions.

Tonight, he goes up against the winners from the other three rounds (amateur, celebrities and heroes) in the Chopped Champions grand finale at 10 p.m.

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Chopped Champions slightly differs than popular cooking show in the sense that it for the first time it puts amateurs who've competed and won Chopped before against professional cooks.

Tonight, Rapicavoli will be going up against Keith Young (amateur), Diana Sabater (hero), and Laila Ali (celebrity) in a battle of presentation, taste, and creativity. The chefs will be given mystery baskets with an unlikely combination of ingredients and have to create a dish. One chef will be eliminated during each round (appetizer, entrée, and dessert). The last chef standing will go on to win the biggest prize in Chopped history: $50,000 and a brand new car.

Apparently the first round includes baked goods and takes a slimy turn in round two with sea snails. For dessert, it all comes down to what the chefs do with honeycomb and carrot juice. How two-time Chopped winner will Rapicavoli utilize his ingredients?

Rapicavoli's strategy the third time around in the Chopped kitchen is to mind his own business and cook. "I'm not going to worry about what anyone else is making. Just cook my food and stick to what I believe in," says the chef. In the first round, the chef forgot to plate of the ingredients during the appetizer round. A mistake that could have easily gotten him eliminated, but didn't. With 50 grand on the line, we hope Rapicavoli remembers to put all his eggs into the one basket, or ingredients in one plate in this case.

"It was dope to win the pro round but this last round is what counts. I could build a badass kitchen with lots of ladles with that money."

Tune into Food Network at 10 p.m. to find out whether or not Rapicavoli will win Chopped a third time.

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