Choices Cafe Brickell Closing Due to Developers

Choices Cafe, Miami's landmark vegan eatery, is closing the doors to its Brickell location. The popular spot is being forced to vacate because (surprise!) a developer has bought up the property.

To announce the closure, the Choices team created a short, moving video about their move and their mission.

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Brothers and co-owners Alex and Jorge Cuevas have two other locations that will remain open -- Choices Cafe on the Upper Eastside and Choices Vegan Kitchen near Miami International Airport.

"We've been trying to stop it or at least find another option for months," says Alex. "We're at the point now where it's imminent and we're not going to be able to do anything about it, so people should expect that we're not going to be in that particular place."

As far as an end date, Cuevas estimates the end of July. Hope is not lost, however. They're hoping to find another location in the area, and if they can't, they'll go elsewhere.

"We've been looking for like six months to find another space somewhere in the area, anywhere, a block away, three blocks away, downtown, Brickell -- we just have yet to find something that makes sense for our business."

"I don't want to lose all of our employees -- I don't want them to be without a job," Cuevas stresses. "As it appears right now there's nothing in Brickell, so we'll try to open somewhere else."

For those who can't get enough of Choices' vegan eats, you can flood the Brickell location with business through July. They're also going strong at the UES and airport locations, so show some support for a local biz that's all about community, compassion, and tasty eats.

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