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CheeseMe Returns as a Food Truck

Some of you may remember CheeseMe, the restaurant that opened last year on Washington Avenue hoping to satisfy the grilled cheese cravings of the masses. It was short lived, but almost one year after closing, it's been reincarnated as a food truck. And it should be hitting the road this weekend.

CheeseMe owner Andrew Kaplan decided to take his restaurant from four walls to four wheels after facing complications with his landlord, the truck's media rep told Short Order. This is okay by us, because the concept seems better suited for a truck than a storefront.

The menu has been pared down from its old version and some of the prices have been lowered (sandwiches start at $5). Hungry folks can build their own sandwich by choosing from seven types of cheese and six types of bread. Sauces or add-ons such as chicken, pulled pork, parma ham and tomatoes can be thrown in for an extra charge. You can also choose one of the house specialties ($10), which include The Shorty -- braised short rib with blue cheese and roasted red pepper on a jumbo English muffin -- or The B.C.T. -- applewood smoked bacon, cheddar and tomato. And for those not craving a grilled cheese, kobe beef, sloppy joe, pulled pork or short rib sliders ($3 a piece) may fit the bill. Soups are also an option.

Once it launches, the truck will open from 11:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. Short Order will be visiting to give it a try. Stay tuned ...

Follow CheeseMe on Facebook and Twitter for updates on its launch date and road locations.

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Paula Niño
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