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Celebrate Better Days at Pop-Up Bar's Grand Opening Tomorrow: Gratis Modelos and Palomas

If you've seen Better Days, congratulations, you're officially part of the in-crowd. True to pop-up form, Brickell's first temp bar concept has been quietly open for the past 15 days or so. If you've been left out the action, good news -- Better Days is hosting a grand opening soiree tomorrow night.

There will be an open bar, free pool, giant size jenga and a no bullshit attitude.

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Better Days is located in the Brickell 500 building. "It's not a secret bar or speakeasy per se," says developer Challo Schott. "Just a cool qualifier cause we know we're in Brickell. The bar scene here is a little different."

Indeed it is, which is why perhaps it's about damn time someone came into the neighborhood to change things up. Owner Jeronimo Hirschfeld saw an opportunity. "We've got 79 days left on a 90-day plan," Schott said. "If we hit some certain financial bench marks, which we're confident we will, the goal is to to stay permanent."

The focus is on people from the neighborhood. "We want it to be a local spot. Parking in Brickell is a nightmare, so our goal has always been a place where people within three blocks can walk over to and not have to deal with any frills or thrills."

Think '70s throwback-meets-thrift shop. In fact, ask your bartender for the latest on thrift specials, as lots of things on display will be sold on site by Dead Flamingo Vintage Shop or through the website. "If you're not really down with vintage shoppers or thrifting, then maybe this bar isn't for you."

With that said, Better Days encourages you to check your ego at the door, along with your attitude. It's a no bottle service or gratuity kind of place. "The service staff has to earn their tip," Schott said. Since we're on the topic of tips, here's one: try the Michael Outta Know Betta. It's their Mexican mixology michelada that's especially crafted with Modelo Especial.

And speaking of Modelo Especial, that's one of the two beers that will be offered as part of tomorrow night's welcoming celebration. There will also be Stella, a vodka drink option, or Better Days signature cocktail -- Paloma (tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, and soda water). Prices for drinks on the regular will average $6 for a beer (starting at $4) and $10 for signature cocktails ($8 for well drinks). You can take your libations down in either the oversized booth lounge or the "vintage roach lounge," as Schott likes to call it. Cue the drinking-in-your-parents'-basement flashbacks.

The revelry begins tomorrow night at 8 p.m., or you can go by any other day of the week for the next 79 days between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. "Clubs and lounges have shelf life on them but if you're lucky and have the right timing and right pieces in their proper places, a bar can be timeless."

As far as the music, Schott's been struggling to put a label on it. "What it is, if it makes sense, is taking entire calendar year of Fillmore shows, from country and rock to indie and hip-hop," Schott said. There will be no EDM, no wildness, and no official dance floor. That doesn't mean you can't get down and groovy though, especially on the weekends. "We hope to get some people moving."

And if you get hungry, you can get Nathan's hot dogs and a bag of Dirty Chips for $4.

"We think were gonna do something pretty cool for the area."

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