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Capriccio On The River Coming In Two Weeks, We Hope!

Capriccio, Brickell's new Italian venture on the river, was supposed to open last week. That was a couple of weeks ago. Didn't happen.

We finally caught up with owner Mauro Valentini as he finished staining some of the restaurant's columns. At the back, a flat fountain added a soothing and delicate touch to our conversation in a space that's still very much under construction.

Opening a restaurant is no easy task he tells us. Word.

There are several inspections that need to take place the city gives the green light to open up to the public. There are fire, health, building, environmental, and even sewer inspections. Capriccio didn't seem to pass one on a long list, thus delaying the opening.

"Right now, if all goes well we're looking at about two weeks," says Mauro.

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According to Mauro and Chef Salvatore, the menu will be diverse and feature a little bit of everything. It will be similar to its Doral outpost, where specials are created daily beside the classic pizza, salad, and panini staples. "The main difference here is that we have more space, a nicer set-up, and a liquor license," says the chef. Right now the two are going back and forth between the soon-to-be and the already established Capriccio.

Mauro lives in Brickell On The River, where Capriccio is located. No stranger to the parking problem, he says there will be about 45 valet spaces allotted to the restaurant. This still poses a problem for a place with a capacity of about 200 guests. Good thing then that Mauro is thinking about the future already with plans of offering a pick-up and drop-off service.

"People in Brickell don't want to drive. To get your car out of the garage, drive it, and park it somewhere, you might as well take a cab. That way you can drink."

We like where your head's at, Mauro, and we couldn't agree more. The people of Miami should walk and use alternative transportation more often. Especially when the Metromover drops you off right at the building's entrance, where Capriccio is located. We're just not sure everyone else agrees. Nor are we certain people on their lunch break will walk to this tucked away spot in search of a quick lunch.

Capriccio will be open for lunch and dinner once all inspections are passed. At which point, Short Order will be back for our own inspection.

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