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Camel's Milk and Miami: Kim Kardashian's Favorites

Everyone wants to keep up with the Kardashians. If Kim, Khloe and Kourtney do it, their legions of fans are soon to follow. So, we're slightly surprised that camel's milk hasn't caught on as quickly as sex tapes and babymaking in South Florida.

Last month, Kim Instagrammed a tall glass of the dairy product during a trip to Bahrain, and the beverage reportedly has some amazing health benefits. For once, she may be on to something.

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A unique source of calcium is available locally. Dade and Broward-based My Healthy Food Club imports is offering camel milk from Miller's Organic Farm, an Amish establishment in Pennsylvania. According to the farmers, it has all kinds of healing properties.

The farm started with one camel two years ago, and has upped the number to five based on demand. The gangly mammals eat an all-natural pasture diet, free from pesticides.

In turn, they produce the milk, which people have been drinking in more arid corners of the world for millenia. It is rich in vitamin C, B and iron, and advocates claim it has numerous health benefits, including antibacterial and antiviral properties, a positive effect on breast cancer and heals the liver.

"It has ten times the antiviral properties of cow's milk. We sell a lot of camel's milk to parents with autistic children," Miller's Farm told Short Order. One of the farmers has even seen results with his own son.

"We've had our seven year-old on camel's milk for almost two years, he's been through a liver and bone marrow transplant," he said. "Because the milk is so expensive - we have our own camel but it's still a cost because if we don't give it to him we can sell it - and any time we try to cut down we see it in the liver enzyme numbers and that's done through lab work."

That kind of healing should do Kimye's baby good.

"There's something wonderful about camel's milk that God has now created camel's milk to be, just like some more of God's ways. He has wonderful ways and if we can leave it as natural as possible it can provide a wonderful outcome," the farmer adds.

In addition to milk, farm club customers can get camel's milk soap, yogurt and kefir made by Miller's Farm. So if you want to get on the dromedary bandwagon, pick ups occur every other week in Northwest Miami, Coral Gables, or Weston. You can join the farm club on their website.

So make with the times Miami. Cow's milk is so fifteen minutes ago.

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