Caffe Abbracci Celebrates 20 Years

20 years in the restaurant biz is a hell of an achievement, and Coral Gables' Cafe Abbracci, 319 Aragon Ave, just hit that mark. To celebrate, the place is adding light, organic, calorie-conscious offerings to its roster of the traditional Italian favorites that have kept them in business all these years. Look for the shrimp with Italian parsley in red wine sauce on a bed of cabbage and fennels.

Here's our description of Cafe Abbracci as it appears in our restaurant database (where you can find restaurants by price and in your neighborhood).

"Clubby, smoky, handsome -- this place was made for Coral Gables. The crowds come as much for the status as for the food. But pasta stuffed with pumpkin, meaty lentil soup dotted with dark greens, shrimp sautéed in balsamic vinegar and served over fresh Belgian endive, and fish grilled with a simple twist of lemon but tasting like so much more are a lure in themselves. Lunch and dinner."

Check out CaffeAbbracci.com for more info.

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