Burger King Goes Rogue and Dances at McDonald's (Video)

Imagine if you will, the plight of the Burger King. One minute you're fast food royalty, wearing a crown and a royal robe with an enormous grin permanently fixed to your plastic face...the next you've been downgraded from the 1 percent to the rest of us unemployed schmucks.

What's a mascot to do? Take Sara Palin's recent advice to Mitt Romney and "go rogue" ... at the nearest McDonald's.

The BK bad boy showed up in a McDonald's in Rome, Georgia,

where he danced around a bit, scared a few children, and gave away

burgers to an unsuspecting crowd. The entire two minutes were captured

by The Woodcreek Faction, a comedy and improv group that staged this

"happening" over the weekend.

Most intriguing? The look on the

faces of the McDonald's employees in the background of the video who

clearly have no idea whether or not to say anything while the King "goes


When the King finishes his performance art and

leaves the store, he gets accosted in the parking lot by a

McDonald's manager. She asks him what he's doing. The King

answers that he's raising money for a children's charity. "What charity?

Which children?" the manager asks.

"All the children," the King

replies. Awwwwwww.

According to the Rome News-Tribune, the King drove away in a white 2001 Acura. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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