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Burger King Food Truck to Roll Into Miami

In an attempt to claw its way back into the number two spot for U.S. fast-food sales, Miami-based Burger King is trying a hell of a lot of stale innovative campaigns.

For instance, a new campaign has stellar celebs Jay Leno, David Beckham, Salma Hayek, and the overused Sofia Vergara in ads that tout the "exciting things" happening at Burger King -- such as copying number one McDonald's frappés, smoothies, and chicken strips (though we're grudgingly handing BK points for firing the creepy King and adding a salad with apples and dried cranberries).

Now, in an effort to be hip, Burger King has jumped on the food truck bandwagon, introducing a fleet of 30 BK-branded trucks to 40 U.S. cities -- and Miami is among the lucky ones!

The BK food truck makes an introductory stop at the American Airlines Arena this Saturday and will appear throughout the city until May 13. Exact dates and times are still to be determined, but the burger chain's website will post a schedule when it's released. The trucks will make their way to "local hot spots, hangouts, festivals, and events," according to a press release. We expect that translates to "wherever we won't get kicked out."

In what's being touted as the biggest sampling campaign in Burger King's history, the trucks will offer the restaurant's new chicken, apple, and cranberry fresh garden salad, crispy chicken strips with kung pao and roasted jalapeño barbecue sauce, real fruit smoothies in strawberry-banana and tropical mango flavors, and BK mocha and caramel frappés.

In addition, more than 3,000 Burger King restaurants nationwide (again, there's no list of participants available at this time) will hand out free five-ounce smoothies, crispy chicken strips, and sample-size salads. The in-store offer is good through April 21.

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