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QuikLiq Is Miami's Black-Owned Alcohol Delivery App

Launched in Miami, QuikLiq lets users 21 and older order alcohol for local delivery.
Launched in Miami, QuikLiq lets users 21 and older order alcohol for local delivery. Photo courtesy of QuikLiq
Looking for a bottle of bubbly or tequila to celebrate the end of a great night but don't want to schlep to the store?

For Miamians in search of late-night liquor delivery, there's now a local app for that. Appropriately named QuikLiq, the newly launched app allows Miami-Dade residents (21 and older, of course) to order just about anything alcoholic, at almost any time of day, by phone.

The Black-owned business established in 2017 officially launched its full-service mobile ordering and delivery app, available on iOS and Android, on February 24.

Clark Atlanta University alums and fraternity brothers Mikáel Pyles and Navarr Grevious are the cofounders of QuikLiq. They tell New Times their idea took root nearly a decade ago when e-commerce businesses were still a fledgling industry.

In early 2011, Grevious and Pyles began brainstorming ideas for a service that would make buying liquor as easy as ordering your favorite takeout.

"We thought: What if ordering alcohol was as easy as ordering a pizza?" says Pyles, QuikLiq’s president and chief strategy officer.
click to enlarge QuikLiq founders Mikael Pyles (left) and Navarr Grevious. - PHOTO COURTESY OF QUIKLIQ
QuikLiq founders Mikael Pyles (left) and Navarr Grevious.
Photo courtesy of QuikLiq
For seven years, the duo learned the ins and outs of the liquor sales business. In 2018, they brought on Miami businessman Aaron Carter as the company’s chief operating officer, who saw the window of opportunity to begin servicing Miami.

"We identified Miami Beach as the perfect market to develop this idea," Pyles says. "It was very important for us to service a wide range of cultures and ethnicities, and when you think about an alcohol-delivery business, there's no better place than Miami for its cultural tapestry and celebratory lifestyle."

In 2019, QuikLiq began servicing Miami Beach and South Beach via a web-based ordering platform, forging relationships with the municipality's small-business owners and often working the delivery routes themselves. When the pandemic hit, the business took off as QuikLiq's service became a preferred method for people to purchase liquor amid COVID restrictions.

"We asked, 'What does this mean for us and our business?' The silver lining for us was that it illuminated the need for our services," says Pyles. And not just for consumers on lockdown, but also for the independent retailers that were struggling owing to lack of foot traffic. "With just a few taps, QuikLiq was able to give mom-and-pop grocers an easy online platform to sell alcohol."

Pyles explains that QuikLiq's community-focused platform differentiates it from larger competitors. Rather than work with big-box retailers to fulfill orders, the Miami-based enterprise leverages the area's independent retailers.

Today, Pyles says, QuikLiq is poised for growth. With DoorDash as a national delivery partner, the company hopes to scale quickly as it accelerates its expansion into more regions across Florida and the Southeast.

QuikLiq is currently available in Miami-Dade County, with plans to expand within Florida and into Atlanta later this year. Delivery service is available daily from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. and is orchestrated from the company’s Miami Beach headquarters.

Orders can be made on, through the mobile app, or by calling 305-395-4555. Once an order is placed, deliveries typically arrive within 30 to 45 minutes. A fulfillment price between $5 to $7.50 is added to each order placed before 10:30 p.m., and $15 for anything after that.

Legal restrictions require identification from all customers to verify identity and legal age for consumption. For that reason, QuikLiq cannot leave any beverages on a doorstep or otherwise unattended. Upon delivery, IDs are checked with a manual scanner.

Most important, QuikLiq is dedicated to giving back, Pyles sums up.

"We're also taking a firm stance on responsible drinking and the fight against drunk driving," he adds. "QuikLiq removes the temptation to go out and buy alcohol when you've already been drinking. When you order with us, you do the drinking — and we'll do the driving."
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