BGR The Burger Joint Offers Obama and Romney Burgers

BGR The Burger Joint is asking for your vote.

Only this time, it's not about greasy politicians, it's about hamburger meat. 

The burger chain has created two burgers as different as the candidates they're named after. Go ahead, Eat your favorite politician in effigy.

The presidential burgers are available at all BGR locations now through Election Day. Each burger sells for $10.99, with one dollar from the sale of each benefiting Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign.

Like any good candidate, each offering has its own merits and fan base.

The Obama burger, an homage to Chicago, features a BGR hamburger patty topped with a Chicago Vienna Beef hot dog, garnished with neon green relish and sport peppers.

The Romney Burger pays tribute to the great state of Massachusetts with a BGR hamburger patty topped with lobster meat and hollandaise sauce.

Now before you go into a tizzy because you like one candidate's politics but the other candidate's meat creation, we figure this can go either way (just like elections). If you like a candidate, you can support their sandwich and proudly eat for a cause. If, on the other hand, you don't agree with their politics, we suggest taking it out on their namesake burger in a frenzy of biting and tearing.

Each candidate's burger sold will be tallied and the results will be released on Election Day via Facebook.

Just by burger alone, who will you vote for (and eat)?

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