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Beer Me Wins Hatuey Beer's Art Contest

In what might go down in history as the best title of all time, artist Adbul Delgado's Beer Me has been designated as the newest marketing image for Cuban beer brand, Hatuey.

The brew, whose roots run back to 1920s Cuba, was recently revived by Bacardi. Back in their heyday, Hatuey would hire artists to create their ad materials, resulting in classic, evocative images of Cuba and its people. They recently reintroduced the tradition, asking artists to create works for the brand's next campaign.

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The winning design was a retro-inspired shot of a Latin beauty, flower in her hair, beach in the background. Very Cuban. Very Miami. Delgado's victory was announced at the Coral Gables Museum on Wednesday. Second place went to Ileana Cea and her piece titled, One Cuba, One Hatuey.

"I hope my piece transmits all that is Cuban heritage. Hatuey represents the culture of my Cuban people, and my piece is meant to bring all that together in a more modern way," Delgado commented.

The artist said the brand's older ads served as inspiration for the new piece. No word on why he chose that particular name (inspired by Andy Bernard, perhaps?)

"First, I looked at the older Hatuey ads. Then, I found a way to bring those elements back in a modern piece that represents Hatuey's history, present and future."

Contest judges included Hector Ortiz, Sr. VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development for Bacardi, Emilio Sauma, Founder of Gables Hispanic Cultural Foundation and Roberto Ramos, President of Cuba Ocho Art Center, among other notables.

The brand plans to use the imagery in a 2013 marketing campaign. They'll be creating marketing materials, use it on accounts and for murals and billboards.

"When we re-launched the product last year, we wanted to promote and grow the brand through grassroots initiatives. We researched its history and found that from the very beginning back in Cuba in the 1950s, Hatuey championed local artists and featured their artwork in official Hatuey ads. With art being one of our brand pillars, we decided that the contest was a great way to connect with the community and give back to them, as well," said Anler Morejon, Hatuey brand manager.

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