Beard Papa's Cream Puffs Flood Aventura, America's Fifth Busiest Mall

There's a new dessert shop in town, Beard Papa's. The place has been open for a few weeks but the grand opening will take place tomorrow, December 2, at the Aventura Mall. Why open in a mall? Since the closest Beard Papa's is all the way in Orlando, owner Emil Levy felt it was time to bring the sweets a little closer to home..Indeed, he lives in North Dade, so it's easy for him to get to work. And opening in one of America's busiest malls was a no-brainer. 

Makes sense but what's all this talk about the best cream puffs? According to the Beard Papa's team, the puffs are the best in the world. "It's funny but I can tell in about 5 seconds if someone had our cream puffs before; the ones that know us from NY, London, Moscow or the other 300 locations just walk right up to the register and order a dozen," says general manager Emil Levy. "Those that have not experienced us yet, will ask what are we doing and will look with surprise as we fill the puffs on the spot."

A lot of places say they are the "best." Can Beard Papa's really nail the the competition? 

There are two counters at the Aventura location: one where the staff fills and bakes the cream puffs. The other is a bar where customers can come to sit and relax while sipping on a cappuccino and devouring a cream puff or two. Of course there are other things customers can enjoy like the mango ice shower if cream puffs aren't their thing.

"I love talking with people and finding out about what they like about us, almost everyone says it's the taste and that you just can't judge the puffs till you try them." Okay, so enough with all the talk. Its about time we get our hands on one of these so called-addictive mounds of goodness.

Beard Papa's 
19501 Aventura Boulevard, Aventura

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Carissa Chesanek
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