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Barron Sherer Seen Eating... A Really Quiet Snack at a Movie

Barron Sherer is a filmmaker, film archivist, and general curator of cool cultural happenings in Miami. And by film, we mean actual celluloid, not digital.

For a decade, the South Carolina transplant has created and produced film showings throughout town, most notably the Rewind/Fast Forward Video Festival. He helped manage the archives of bizarre, kitschy, and historic South Floridiana at the Wolfson Moving Image Archive. He also curated the old Cinema Vortex series, beloved by cinephiles in Miami.

Now he's doing his own thing. This past Halloween, he and Kevin Arrow put together a Super Eight Super Scary night of pop-up cinema, dusting off his old horror movie collection to play along with appropriately woozy sounds from live theremin and circuit bending.Popcorn is off limits at Sherer's screenings. His favorite film snack is "anything that doesn't make noise."

Humitas, food trucks, and South Carolina mayonnaise after the jump...

Sherer screens his new 16-mm film installation, "Michael Pare is a Top

Gun Too" during this weekend's Second Saturday Art Walk in Wynwood. The

Five More Reasons to Live Exhibition also includes films by Kevin

Arrow, Nicole Martinez (who will do some circuit bending), Damian Rojo,

and Skip Van Cel. It opens at the White Vinyl Space Gallery (3320 NW

2nd Avenue) Saturday at 7 p.m. in Wynwood, and runs through Art Basel.

New Times: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Barron Sherer: The LC Special from S&S Diner. It's two eggs, great potatoes, and wheat toast.

What are your favorite places to eat in Miami right now?


guess it depends on the neighborhood. I live in Wynwood. The food

trucks are parking all around here and I've been really into that.

That's my thing right now.

I like the Sloppy Jose at gastroPod--that's probably my favorite.

I also like the Macho Burger from Latin Burger.


used to follow L.A. food trucks on Twitter, salivating when I would

look at my device, and now all of a sudden there are 3 or 4 food trucks

to eat at around Wynwood. It's amazing. This is a really good food

town. It takes a little work, but it's easier now with social media.

What are your favorite foods to cook?

My kids are at a picky age right now, so I'm doing comfort food.


also works well because I have an Ecuadorian girlfriend, and she thinks

my Southern cooking is so exotic--stuff like macaroni and cheese and my

South Carolina style barbecue. So, that kind of food works on a lot

of levels--for her, for the kids, and it's relatively easy to make.

What's in your fridge right now?


have a lot of condiments. You know, peppers and Rooster sauce. It's

hard to get the South Carolina style barbecue sauce, so my girlfriend

has resorted to making it. It's the kind of yellow mustard and vinegar

concoction. It's not North Carolina, it's not Texas. It's from South

Carolina. There's also South Carolina mayonnaise in there.

Then, we have humitas [like a tamal].

Friends came from Ecuador and they packed and brought a whole suitcase

of humitas that were made that same day. They're filled with fresh cheese.

Do you have any regular food rituals?


more if like, I'm in an area, I try to go somewhere. When we come back

from the beach from Biscayne, we like to go Casola's and get a giant

slice of pizza.

I take my kids to Shake Shack every time we go to the movies on Lincoln Road.

favorite fast food right now is the Shackburger. My son says, "That's

the best hamburger I've ever had in my 6-year-old life."

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