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Baoli Serves Most Expensive Burger in Miami: $65 for Kobe Beef, Foie Gras, and Black Truffles

Most restaurants lure customers with deals: bottomless mimosas, brunch buffets, and prix fixes.

But Baoli, the South Beach restaurant with outposts in New York and Cannes, does things a bit differently. Executive chef Gustavo Vertone created the most expensive burger in Miami -- and he did it on purpose.

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"Baoli's burger is a status-symbol food," he explains. "Whatever dish we make, we have to make it better than anybody else."

Vertone's exorbitant creation costs $65. It pairs a Kobe beef patty with foie gras, sliced black truffles, brioche, heirloom tomatoes, quail eggs, caramelized onions, and mayonnaise.

"We slowly cook the burger patty, which is filled and topped with the most expensive and, most important, fresh ingredients," he adds.

It's in direct competition with DB Bistro Moderne's "Original DB Burger" ($34) -- a fabled patty packed with similar ingredients, including sirloin, braised short rib, foie gras, and black truffles.

But according to Vertone, Baoli's rendition is better: "Plenty of restaurants across the country serve an expensive burger, but they don't have the juices and flavors that ours has."

With price tags like those, they all better be juicy as hell.

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