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Aventura’s Power Smoothie Embraces The Simple Things

There’s a good chance you’ve either heard or used the expression, “Enjoy the simple things.” But what exactly are these “simple things” and where can they be found?

Try Aventura’s Power Smoothie (20475 Biscayne Blvd.). The folks here have the answer - at least in regard to your next meal.

The eatery prides itself on making simple, homemade foods that anyone can enjoy – from specialty smoothies to a plethora of wraps and bowls. All recipes at Power Smoothie are owner Matt Kennedy's personal creations.

“The one thing that’s consistent throughout our menu is our use of simple ingredients like rice, chicken, cheese and guacamole," explains Kennedy. "I've learned that pairing ingredients like that creates great food that makes you feel good too."

All of their wraps and bowls come with dressings made totally from scratch. Some customer favorites include the Mexican dressing and the chipotle sauce.. But don’t ask Kennedy for the exact recipes as they are top secret.

“[The recipes] are not even committed to paper,” laughs Kennedy. “I have them memorized and [they] will be lost if I die!”

For first timers , he recommends the chipotle chicken wrap ($8) paired with the mango tango smoothie ($5).

“The chipotle has a bit of heat to it and is rich in flavor,” says Kennedy. "But the mango tango is just very sweet and refreshing. It’s really just a tasty combination.”

If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, Power Smoothie offers other smoothies with ingredients like passion fruit, papaya, honey and coconut milk. The option for adding power boosts like protein (89¢) or antioxidant (99¢) powders is also available.

“Nowadays we are constantly challenged with making things that are not just treats, but also meal replacements with either a ton of protein, no sugar, low carb, you know the list just goes on,” jokes Kennedy. “We have options for all of that, but the bottom line is everybody can enjoy the basic simple ingredients that make up the basis of the recipe.”

For those looking for a more substantial meal, there are signature wraps like the teriyaki chicken ($8), Mexican chicken ($8) and tangy BBQ ($8) can be eaten as is or be made into bowls ($8+).

“There’s food that makes you feel great while you eat it but terrible after,” says Kennedy. “That's not us though. The pairing of these ingredients is good all the way through.”

If you find yourself near Aventura’s Promenade Shops, check out the little “mom-and-pop” eatery for a taste of home as you’re quick and on the go.

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