Allen Susser's Passover: Finally An End To Grandma's Gefilte Fish

Passover is coming next week and for many, that means a monotonous existence of matzo, matzo, matzo and more matzo. What's a Jewish foodie to do? Thankfully, chef Allen Susser, whose eponymous restaurant is a longtime hit, is preparing two Passover meals at his Aventura eatery.

For Passover, Susser has created a menu that eschews all traditional blandness. Diners can partake in the first or second seder (March 29 and 30, respectively) for $75 a person ($50 for children). Being one of the original "Mango Gang" means that Allen's seders will have a decidedly Floribbean twist.

Menu items include pan roasted mahi mahi cake with horseradish foam; chicken soup with matzo balls; baked matzo lasagna with spinach and eggplant; Key lime mojito roasted kosher chicken; zaatar grilled lamb chops with zucchini matzo brei; extra virgin olive oil roasted wild salmon with braised fennel; and Latin root vegetable cholent. Dessert is a choice between lemon poppyseed cake or chocolate pecan macaroon brownie.

"My Passover is a celebration of age-old traditions influenced by Latin (Sephardic) cooking and ingredients and by old world (Ashkenazi) techniques," notes Allen. "The menu is also seasonal, welcoming spring and its full bounty." Proceeds from the seders will be donated in honor of his grandmother to the Rose Rosenkranz Philanthropic League, which brings Passover foods to less fortunate families.

Susser is also involved with a gastro pub in Delray Beach called Taste, which is opening next month.

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