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Abuela Mami Ships Cuban Treats Straight to Your Door

What if you could have pastelitos, guayaba, and Café Bustelo every month without having to go to Sedano's? Abuela Mami has you covered. For $24.95 a month, the company will ship a package with popular Cuban delicias straight to your door.

The idea sprouted when cofounder Humby Valdes moved to New York City and faced an apocalyptic situation: He couldn’t turn up any of his favorite Cuban food.

“I went to four or five supermarkets and I couldn’t find much, not even in the ethnic section. My grandmother heard about my situation and teamed up with my mom. When she came to visit, she would bring Cuban care packages for me,” Valdes says. “When I moved back to Miami earlier this year, I thought of making this into a business.”

Valdes, age 39, grew up in Miami’s Flagami/Westchester as a first-generation Cuban-American. He left his Cubiche flavor to work as a web developer in NYC’s bustling midtown, but he's now bringing his skills home.

“It’s easy to dismiss the idea or take for granted how prevalent Cuban stuff is here in Miami,” he says. “With, you can now leave Miami and take part of it with you.” 

The service launched December 16 and offers a variety of goods, not just snacks. How will you colar café without a moka pot? All items are a chosen by the Abuela Mami team, consisting of Humby’s mom and abuela. Other potential surprises include a set of dominoes and a mandolin to slice plantains to make homemade mariquitas. For café lovers, there's a coffee-only option with an assortment of Cuban café. It's a pretty good deal at $24.95, including shipping.

“We’re priced below what Amazon Prime Pantry charges for bulk order,” Valdes says.

Even if you don’t buy a subscription, Abuela Mami's social media is worth perusing for LOL-worthy memes every Miami Cuban can relate to, such as recognizing various Miami accents. If you’re away from home, let the nostalgia begin.
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