"You're Welcome, LeBron - Love, Miami" Billboards Are Trolling Ohio

Last month, Ohio newspapers refused to take The Dan LeBatard Show's money for a simple "You're Welcome" message to LeBron James in their publications; it appears they have chosen poorly. Thwarted in their first bet to poke fun at LeBron's lack of thanking Dade County fans on his way out of town, it appears The LeBatard Show has upped the ante and taken their message to billboards all around Akron, Ohio. Blood feud!

The first billboard that reads "You're Welcome, LeBron - Love, Miami" popped up recently in LeBron's home town, and apparently this isn't a single billboard assault -- more are on the way.

The original plan was for Miami fans to fund a Kickstarter or GoFundMe-like campaign to raise money for a simple ad in an Ohio newspaper poking fun at the fact that LeBron James has still yet to thank Miami Heat fans.

But Ohio newspapers refused to even give The LeBatard Show a price quote, then went public with the request and possible plan, thus inadvertently giving the message more attention and publicity than it would have ever garnered in something that is thrown under your car at 4 a.m. Oh, and it was free.

Now it seems Cleveland's refusal to have a sense of humor has backfired, and instead of throwing away the message from Miami fans, they'll have to see it plastered all over their skies on their morning drive to work.


Dan LeBatard didn't do that to them however, for some reason they inflict this pain on themselves.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.