You Won't Have to Take Your Shoes Off at MIA Anymore -- if You're Special

With the eventual aim of shortening screening lines and easing some security procedures, the TSA unveiled a new program today at four airports across the country, including Miami International, that allows passengers to go through security checkpoints without taking off their shoes and belts and removing certain items from baggage. However, not everyone gets the easy treatment. Only frequent travelers who were invited by the TSA and passed a background check will get the privileges. For now anyway. 

The program, dubbed PreCheck, began today at MIA as well as airports in Dallas, Detroit, and Atlanta. 

"We are looking at how to further enhance security through passenger prescreening and, whenever possible, expedite the screening process for travelers we know and trust the most," transportation security administrator John Pistole said in a statement.

Members of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's trusted traveler program and selected member of Delta and American Airlines' frequent-flyer programs were among the first to be invited to participate in the program, and the TSA hopes that more than 8,000 passengers a day in the first four airports will be able to move through security more quickly. In return, participants had to give up their fingerprints and undergo a commercial and criminal background check.

The TSA will monitor the program's success before expanding it to more airports and more passengers. 

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