You, FSU, Do Not Mess With Canes Baseball, You Just Don't Do It

Lately, telling sports fans you're a UM alum never leads to anything good. It's always, "Man, what happened to your football team?" or "Sucks you're losing McClinton." And that's just the cordial ones. But there's always baseball. You can always take pride in baseball. Which is why Friday's big loss to FSU, of all teams, made my stomach turn just a little bit.

The 23rd-ranked Noles blasted the seventh-ranked Canes 14-4 in the series opener, and Miami just looked pathetic. You have to accept a loss every now and then; these aren't the same Canes that went into the post-season last year ranked number one, but jeez, a drumming by the Noles? It just hurts. Then Saturday, it seemed recent history was doomed to repeat itself as FSU took an early lead and kept the Canes scoreless in the first five innings, but then came the sweet spoils of a come-behind victory. A home run by Jason Hagerty in the sixth kicked off a scoring spree and the Canes won 6-4.

Then Sunday... what to say? How do you top opening a game with two friggin' grand slams by Harold Martinez and Yasmani Grandalin the first two innings? You really don't, folks, you really don't. The Canes ended up taking the game 14-8, and the series. The defeated Noles hopped back on their bus for the long ride back to Tally, and Canes fans got a chance to finally rub it in their FSU alum friends' faces once again.

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