You Can't Get Into Miami's Latest Model Hot Spot

Tell any guy on Miami Beach of a mystical place filled wall-to-wall with bikini-clad models and he will instantly have some sort of Pavlovian response, whip out three Benjamins, and demand bottle service. Well, such a place now exists, but sorry fellas, Modellounge Miami is strictly female models only.

It's not hard to get special treatment on Miami Beach if you're a model, but that usually means having to deal with the horn dogs of the VIP rooms. Sometimes a model just needs a place to go and model out and do model things with her model friends.

After success in New York and a strange attempt last year in a converted closet at the Delano, Smart Water is bringing its Modellounge to Miami. The room, now at the Raleigh, opens tomorrow and will remain so until the end of April.

Though, only female models from Miami Beach's top ten agencies will be granted entrance. If New York's Modellounge is any indication, they'll get to partake in runway classes, casting Q&As, and other important model events.

The models will also get a new bikini every month from Volcom and poolside yoga classes.

No male models are invited however. And judging from this video the only guys allowed in are sassy gay runway coaches. So unless you want to hatch a scheme where you pretend to be a sassy gay runway coach, dudes, you ain't getting in.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.