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You Can Vote on Florida's New License Plate Design

The State of Florida is giving you a chance to vote on something, and you won't even have to wait four hours in line to do it! That's right, the state's default license plate is getting a new look, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles wants to hear your input via online poll. Click on Vote4FloridaTag.com to make your voice heard.

Much like many actual elections however, there's not that many exciting choices.

The reason for the change is practical. The state is running out of tag combinations, so the new design will feature room for an extra digit. The cleaner design schemes will also make it easier for red light cameras and automatically billing toll booths to read your tags.

So, for the first time since 1978 the plates will lack the distinctive outline of our peninsula. Though an orange, which has been on the plate since 1997, remains in all four designs.

Lets take a look:

Oh, wow, how clever! They replaced the "o" in "Florida" with an orange. Some top notch, cutting edge graphic design right there! Much like a rebellious middle schooler's hair, it also features a faint streak of lime green. Nothing too overpowering mind you, but just enough to remind that this is a plate that marches to the beat of its on drummer.

By far the most minimalist design. This is clearly the choice for those who think the lime green highlight might be a bit too edgy.

Compared to the others, this one stands out the most thanks to its green border. Apparently the FDHSMV's in-house designers are really, really into the orange "o" idea. Here its recreated, but with an orange that looks like it was picked from some low end clip art package.

Finally! A choice for those of us who prefer to spell out our words using only letters, and not citrus fruits. Unfortunately that means they've just decided to stick an orange randomly up there in a corner, and, alas, the green flash has been recycled here.

Eek, this is the most lackluster slate of choices Floridians have had since the Rick Scott vs Alex Sink gubernatorial race.

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