You Can Take Your Gun to Miami Parks and Government Buildings Beginning November 17

Too scared to enter a City of Miami or Miami-Dade park or government building because you can't protect yourself by carrying a licensed concealed weapon? Well, you probably don't exist. But if you do, fear not -- beginning November 17, you'll be able to arm yourself in any park and government building you please.

The change in rules is the result of a law passed last legislative session. Since 1987, Florida has carried a law on the books saying that no local municipality can create ordinances pertaining to gun control that are stricter than state laws. 

That law carried no penalties, though, and was widely ignored, especially in urban areas such as Miami. Earlier this year, Gov. Rick Scott signed a new bill into law that penalizes cities for extra gun control ordinances. That law went into effect October 1, and cities and counties across the state rushed to repeal their local ordinances.

Except of course the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County. Earlier this week, Florida Carry, a gun rights group, threatened to file a lawsuit against the two municipalities.

"Miami continues to demand that parents have no means to protect themselves and their children in public parks," read the group's press release. "The city even goes so far as to demand that law abiding people disarm during locally declared emergencies.

"During emergencies, when police agencies are often overwhelmed, the right to defend yourself is CRITICAL! The City of Miami and Miami-Dade County have both declared they can take your rights away at their whim in parks and even after a disaster."

Now, Florida Carry claims it has been assured that both municipalities will drop their gun ordinances by November 17, so it has decided to drop the lawsuits.

"Moments before the cases were filed with the court, we received assurances from the Miami City Attorney's Office that their unlawful ordinances will be repealed on November 17th. Miami-Dade County has also agendaed a measure to repeal its gun control laws."

So Miamians will be able to carry their guns, as long as they have a concealed carry license, into government buildings and public parks. No Gun signs will be removed. Citizens will also not be required to disarm in the event of a disaster such as a hurricane.

The new law is the result of the NRA and other gun rights groups trying to condense power to make gun laws on the state level where they are better able to appeal to lawmakers from rural areas.

"I'm concerned about some deranged person who doesn't like what our government is doing coming in and shooting someone," Elaine H. Black of the Liberty City Trust told the Miami Herald earlier this year. "If I can go now into the Miami Riverside Center, the main operating office of Miami, or any municipal building -- and there's always someone who's walking into that door who's not happy with government. Maybe you put a lien on my property, and I think that's not right -- I can walk in with a gun and shoot you."

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