Yes, That's a Banker Hanging From a Phone Line Along I-95

But no, it is not real.

For the past week, graffiti artist Above has been working on a giant, attention-grabbing mural in Wynwood next to the I-95 northbound lanes as part of Primary Flight. It reads in block letters: "Give a Wall Street banker enough rope and he will hang himself."

Today the artist added the cherry on top: a mannequin, dressed as a banker with a sack over his head, swinging from a noose.

We asked Above to send us a photo as soon as the suicidal fat cat was hung. We're guessing there'll be some 911 calls from the highway and some municipal employee will be climbing a ladder with scissors sometime this afternoon.

Above, a San Francisco artist who plans on decorating our fair city in the months leading up to Art Basel, says he got the prop and costume from local thrift shops. "He looks real," he told us last week. "As I was putting him together, he started to freak me out."

Below, a couple of photos of the mural in process, and one of the images Above just sent us of the swinging banker. (The first is from My Little Photo Album's Flickr.)

Update: Primary Flight sent us a few more images of the installation.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts