WTF Florida: Robbery Ruined When Men Butt Dial Boss

A lot of weird things happen in Florida. We're here every Friday morning to give you the week's weirdest.

Keys Men Butt Dial Boss While Talking About How to Steal From Company

David Fanuelsen, 39, and Dean Brown, 22, had an ingenious plan. They were going to steal about $8,000 worth of construction equipment from their employer. Only trouble was that when Fanuelsen was discussing the plan he accidentally butt dialed his boss. The men's boss then realized that some equipment had already gone missing. Both Brown and Fanuelsen were arrested.

Man Urinates on Library Books

Twenty-four-year-old Benjamin Wilson was taking a nap at a Tavares, Florida, library when he was awoken by falling out of his chair. Apparently still a bit groggy, Wilson stumbled around the library until he found a stack of books and decided to relieve himself on them. Yes, he ruined about $1,000 in literature by peeing.

Man Sets Niece's Home on Fire After She Refuses to Drive Him to Liquor Store

Lets be honest, the niece-uncle bond is like the weakest family bond there is. So if a drunk uncle asks a niece to drive him to the liquor store as a favor, she's well within her right to ignore him. Well, 44-year-old Jerome Clemons up in Boynton Beachapparently feels otherwise. After his niece refused to drive him to a liquor store, the two got into an argument. The niece eventually left the home to avoid further confrontation. His brother showed up later to find Clemons on the porch mumbling things like "tired of it all" to himself. The brother proceeded to make dinner, but then saw that Clemons was trying to burn down the home. He had set a corner of it on fire. Luckily the damage to the home was minimal.

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