WTF Florida: Man Charged With Murder Because Police Accidentally Killed Someone Else

A lot of weird things happen in Florida. We're here every Friday morning to give you the week's weirdest. This week, that includes police pinning their shooting on someone else, a misguided grandma and the worst television commercial ever.

Man Charged with Second Degree Murder Because Police Accidentally Killed Bystander When They Meant to Kill Him

So here's a weird little moral quandary coming out of the Orlando area for you. Police are charging a man with second-degree murder because the police accidentally shot and killed an innocent woman while they were trying to shoot and kill him.

Back in August, an obviously intoxicated Kody Roach caused a scene at a downtown Orlando nightclub. He refused to pay for drinks he ordered and allegedly brandished a gun. He was kicked out of the club, and police were called.

Police found him outside of the club. Roach refused to cooperate with the officer's commands, so one officer tried to use a taser. Except Roach was wearing loose fitting clothing which prevented him from being shot. Police allege Roach then reached for his waistband, so they unloaded nine shots. Many of those wound up in Roach's body, but one hit a 22-year-old woman standing nearby.

The woman died. Roach survived. So now Roach is being charged with the second-degree murder of the bystander. Though, the charges were dropped down from an original charge of first-degree murder.

Grandmother Sentenced for Telling Granddaugther To Steal a Donation Jar

What you see above is a screen cap form the surveillance footage that got Ronda Faye Allen. The Tampa Bay-area grandmother was caught on camera coaxing her toddler-age granddaughter to steal a donation jar straight from a store check-out counter. The donation jar was meant to benefit a 15-year-old who was battling lupus.

Locals were outraged and eventually identified the woman as Allen. She was sentenced to 15 months in jail on Monday. Her previous arrests on prostitution and theft contributed to a longer sentence.

Worst. Commercial. Ever.

Apparently this thing has been on YouTube since 2006, but it's only reached about 225,000 view in its 8 years there. It's dubbed the "worst ad ever" and it's for a job fair at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall. It features such exchanges as:

Girl 1: How you been?

Girl 2: Nothing.

Student Barred From School for Wearing Trojan Man Costume

This week up at Dr. Phillips High School, it was homecoming week, which also mean "spirit week" in which students are encouraged to come to school wearing themed clothes. Tuesday was character week, and 17-year-old Jack Englund decided to come as semi-beloved advertising mascot Trojan Man. That's the super hero who magically brings you Trojan condoms when you're about to get it on.

Teachers and administrators weren't pleased, and Englund was asked to remove the costume during his first period. Englund and his lawyer mother however think that the costume didn't cross the line.

"Let's be realistic," Englund's mom told the Orlando Sentinel. "They watch a lot of things on Netflix that are a lot more out there than the word 'Trojan' on a poster."

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