World Cup 2010: Hat Tricks and Fiestas!

Argentina 4, South Korea 1: As expected, Argentina has come out with guns blazing in this World Cup with two impressive wins thus far. None more than yesterday's 4-1 drubbing of South Korea. Striker Gonzalo Higuain scored three goals while Lionel Messi wreaked havoc with his usual feats of awesome, as he is wont to do. The result: a very scary Argentine team heading into the Round of 16, and a very happy Diego Maradona hugging and kissing everyone in sight.

How dominant can this team be? When Lionel Messi is yet to go off, but the team is still raining goals down on everybody's face, you're pretty much the team to beat. Even Maradona's nuttiness can't contain the Argentine supremacy. He's using Messi to the teams' advantage, maximizing his speed and power, forcing their opponents to have to worry about him, while leaving the other just-as-dangerous players to take advantage, as Higuain did against South Korea. Sure, Maradona is a bit on the batshit insane side, insults soccer legends on a whim, and looks like a Hobbit in a suit. But the guy seems to know how to use his cache of stars. Pretty much the same way anyone would use a Samurai sword in a knife fight.

Argentina faces Greece on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Mexico 2, France 0: The Tri put on an impressive performance taking down France 2-0, while their 37-year old striker Cuanetemoc Blanco came off the bench and made history by becoming the first Mexican player to score a goal in three different World Cups. Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez scored Mexico's first goal when he zipped past the French defense that stopped playing (thinking Hernandez was offsides) and dribbled past keeper Hugo Lloris to put the ball into the back of the net. It gave Mexico the 1-0 lead and affirmed the fact that Hernandez and his family can't stop scoring goals against the French. His grandfather, Tomas Balcazar, scored a goal against France in the 1953 World Cup.

Chicharito's goal seemed to symbolize the entire match: a lively, relentless Mexican team attacking the net with enthusiasm for the entire 90+ minutes, while a disinterested, insipid French team just sort of went through the motions as if they just couldn't wait to get put on their berets and get out of South Africa. The French? Giving up? UNHEARD OF!

Up next for Mexico, their showdown with a dangerous Uruguay on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Winner takes first place in Group A.

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