Woman's Face Deformed After Receiving Injections at Doral Salon

While the case of the fake "cement butt" doctor has hopefully reminded South Floridians not to seek back-alley injections, sometimes procedures carried out at seemingly legitimate businesses can be dangerous. 

Isabel Gonzalez is now sitting in a hospital, recovering from infections she says she received from a Doral beauty salon. 

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Gonzalez visited a salon owned by Edna Viviana Ayala on July 1st. She forked over $890 and received "vitamin injections" between her eyebrows, at the corner of her mouth, and on the sides of her chin. According to NBCMiami, the injections were supposed to make Gonzalez more "radiant." Instead, they did nothing. At first anyway. 

Gonzalez called up Ayala 12 days later and complained that she didn't noticed any differences, so five days after the call Ayala shot her up with the vitamin injections again. 

This time something went wrong, and Gonzalez's face broke out with redness and swelling. Ayala gave Gonzelez some medication, and took her to a doctor, but eventually stopped answering her calls. 

Gonzalez eventually checked in to a Broward hospital where she will remain until the infections in her face have subsided. Though, that's when authorities were tipped off. 

Ayala was arrested yesterday on charges of aggravated battery, practicing medicine without a license, practicing massage without a license and causing serious injury by practicing as a health care professional without a license.

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