Woman's "End of Probation" Party Leads to Arrests
Illustration by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Woman's "End of Probation" Party Leads to Arrests

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week, and on Friday we're here to bring you the oddest. This week, a probation party gone seriously wrong, a Darth Vader impostor who did not let the Force be with him, and a reminder not to film yourself damaging police property. 

Woman's "End of Probation" Party Leads to Arrests
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Woman's Probation Party Ends in Arrest
There are lots of important milestones that call for parties: birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation, for example. But an "end of probation" party? Uh, well, that's an interesting choice. 

Krystal Kurlowich, 23, of North Fort Meyers, decided to do it up big to celebrate the end of her probation. She told her mother she was simply going out to a diner to eat with a friends but instead booked a room at a nearby Travelodge. Yep, doing it up big. She invited some of her closest friends, including six underaged teenagers. The party, naturally, featured a healthy supply of booze, pot, and assorted other drugs. 

Guests of neighboring motel rooms, however, complained about the noise, and police showed up. Deputies quickly found the party — and the minors and the drugs. They also found a strobe light and glowsticks, for whatever that's worth. 

Kurlowich was arrested and charged with six counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and one count of possession of drug equipment. Of course, her original probation was for drug-related charges. 

Woman's "End of Probation" Party Leads to Arrests

Man in Darth Vader Costume Robs Convenience Store 
A Darth Vader wannabe seems to have overestimated the power of his dark side. 

A man wearing a Darth Vader getup tried to rob a convenience store near Jacksonville earlier this week, but the Force wasn't with him. The clerk at the 8 Til Late store refused to cooperate. In fact, the clerk threw a bottle of salad dressing at the Darth-a-be. 

Fake Darth took off running after the salad dressing incident, but police were able to determine the man behind the mask was Jacob Jeremy Mercer, 32, of New York. 

Woman's "End of Probation" Party Leads to Arrests

Man Who Damaged Police Car Caught on Social Media 
Police in South Daytona Beach planted an unmanned police car near an apartment complex as a ghost car to deter crime. Of course, some people quickly figured out the car was unmanned. One person, Jose Marquez, 20, decided to take advantage of this by pulling off a dumb social media fad known as "put 'em in a coffin" on the car. The joke is that kids jump into the air and then fall backward with their hands crossed over their chests. The alleged "LOLs" come when the kid lands on something. 

Marquez tried the stunt on the car and caused about $1,200 worth of damage to the hood. Officers noticed the damage when they collected the car and attempted to fix it themselves. 

However, another officer on social media found the video of Marquez jumping on the car. Police were able to confirm his name; however, they still have not been able to actually find him. A warrant is out for Marquez's arrested. 

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