Woman Traveling Home From Miami Drug Trip Caught With Drug Straws in Vagina

While state laws are trying to put a stop to South Florida's notorious pill mills, the area is still a popular destination for those looking to load up on illicit substances. Kelly Mowery and four others recently made a bit of an OxyContin shopping trip in Miami. While returning to Tennessee by van they were pulled over around the Gulf Coast. That's when police found out that 24-year-old Mowery was hiding straws filled with opiates in her vagina.

Mowery and her pals were arrested over in Charlotte County after their van was reported as being suspicious. They were apparently waiting outside a pharmacy waiting for it to open. The group had traveled from Tennessee and said they had had an appointment with a doctor in Miami and received prescriptions for oxycodone and other pain pills.

While searching the van, police noticed that Mowery was squirming and asked her to sit still. They searched her purse and found two straws, about four to five inches long, filled with a powdery substance which was later identified as an opiate. She was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

When asked if she had anything else on her, Mowery reported that she had as two more drug filled straws hidden within her vagina. She later was released on $1,000 bail.

The drug has not been identified, but oxycodone is derived from opiates and may be crushed up into a powder.

Cocaine, if you're wondering, is not an opiate. So she did not make the same "Cocaine in my vagina?" mistake as Pam Grier.

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