Woman Busted for Buying Prostitute for Elderly Dad in Tampa

Undoubtedly the first time Maurice Kirchberg held his daughter Pia 51 years ago, he looked down at the baby girl and thought, Someday, when I'm old and gray and completely devoid of sex, this baby girl will buy me a prostitute. Nothing quite cements that father-daughter bond like a lady buying a hooker for her dear old dad.

According to Tampa's ABC affiliate, 51-year-old Pia Kirchberg offered a prostitute a mere $20 to get it on with her 80-year-old father Maurice. Which, really, is just an insult to the fine profession of prostitution. A real prostitute would take nothing less than 100 roses an hour. Kirchberg was out looking in an area of town known for prostitution.

Unfortunately for her, Kirchberg wasn't dealing with a real prostitute, but an undercover officer who was part of a sting.

Both Kirchbergs were arrested for soliciting a prostitute, but at least they get matching father-daughter mug shots they'll remember forever.

"Prostitution is illegal. It doesn't matter how old you are," Tampa Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said. "If we catch you trying to solicit a prostitute, you're going to jail."

[ABC Action News via NBCMiami]

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