With Crist's Announcement Imminent, the Dominos Begin to Fall

With the end of the legislative session in Tallahassee last week, and Charlie Crist widely expected to announce his Senate intention tomorrow the dominoes should quickly fall as down ticket politicos all over the state start positioning themselves for 2010.

So far, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, who has been mentioned as a possible democratic candidate for Governor or Senate, has decided to serve out her term. St. Pete's Republican Mayor, Rick Baker, won't be running for anything either.

When Alex Sink, Florida's CFO, previously announced she'd just run for re-election instead of trying for Senate it was assumed it was because her eye was ultimately on the Governor's chair, she didn't count on Crist entering the Senate fray leaving the Gov's mansion temptingly vacant. Though, she seems to have backed off her earlier statement, and it's pretty much widely expected the Dems will rally around her should she run.

Bill McCullom, the state's Republican Attorney General, is expected to enter the Gov's race, and Ag Commissioner Charles Bronson, who is term limited, has announced he may as well.

Adam Putnam is expected to mount a serious challenge for the Agriculture gig, but that leaves the possibility of big question marks in the CFO and Attorney General position. Who would you like to see? Anyone local? We hate to keep pimping out Manny Diaz, but he still hasn't announced his post-mayoral plans.

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Kyle Munzenrieder