Wing Nuts Flipping Out Over NRSC's Early Endorsement of Crist

Beggars can't be choosers, and the Republican party is basically sitting on the side of the road right now wearing tattered Reagan campaign shirts, tinfoil hats, and talking crazy nonsense begging for relevance and maybe some pocket change. So the National Republican Senatorial Campaign's early endorsement of Charlie Crist and the snubbing of our 12-year-old former Speaker of the House Marco Rubio makes sense, because Crist will win the primary by a landslide anyway, and probably take the general election in a fancy walk of intricately decorated cakes.

But the proprietor of "influential" conservative blog RedSate, a Mr. Erick Erickson,  is calling for a ban of the NRSC! He calls the endorsement of Crist "wholly unacceptable," and "a bridge too far." Because getting behind an almost guaranteed winner when your party is almost completely irrelevant in the country's capitol is wholly unacceptable! Wanting to win is just an absolute travesty!

The NRSC, of course, is the main fundraising organization organ for Republican senatorial candidates across the country. So this is a classic case of cutting off one's nose in spite of one's face. Charlie Crist will probably have no problem raising money on his own, but he may be a powerful tool the NRSC can use to solicit cash from more moderate donors that they can channel to their more conservative candidates.

So, let's pretend for a second that this Erickson fellows' delusions of power are true, and he does put a significant dent in the NRSC's fund raising, he may be hurting the conservative candidates more than the moderate ones, because, many of the moderate ones may have less of a problem raising money on their own.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.