Will the Hurricanes Out-Devil the Demon Deacons on Halloween?

Last week's Clemson game got Canes fans' hearts pumping in fear harder than anything they're likely to experience on Halloween. After last week's trick, please, Great Pumpkin, deliver us a treat.

Tomorrow, the Canes will travel to Wake Forest to take on the Demon Deacons, the second most ghoulishly named team in the ACC after the Duke Blue Devils. We'd make a joke about how their names are the scariest parts of their team, but they have ACC records on par with or better than ours.

But Wake Forest should be the perfect in-conference rebound game for the Canes. They've lost their last two games, and the last time WF came up over UM was in 1944 -- so history and every prediction are on our side.

Meanwhile, Virginia Tech's embarrassing loss last night to North Carolina brings our chances of winning the Coastal division back into the realm of somewhat possible. We'd just need Georgia Tech to drop an in-conference game and for the numbers to work out. Of course, Tech's remaining conference schedule includes only those Demon Deacons and Blue Devils.

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Kyle Munzenrieder