Will Cops Ticket Riders at Tonight's Critical Mass? "Maybe, Maybe Not"

Just two days after Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa called Critical Mass a "critical mess," the suspected organizer of the monthly bicycle rides is asking that cyclists please be responsible and ride safely.

"Riders should act accordingly and try to correct all the criticisms mentioned by the police earlier this week," said Rydel Deed, founder of the Miami Bike Scene, a website that posts the routes for Miami's Critical Mass, in a statement Friday morning.

In a statement Friday morning, Deed asked that cyclists "be courteous to everyone in the community."

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This is after Orosa sent two certified letters to Deed as a "de facto organizer" and asked that he meet with the police department to make the events more organized. Orosa also said organizers and cyclists violating the law could be held "liable" for their actions in the rides.

Whether or not officers will start ticketing at today's ride is unknown.

"It's a surprise. Maybe, maybe not," Orosa said on the matter.

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For today's ride, cyclists will meet at Government Center at 6:30 p.m. and start the ride at 7:15. Notably, this route will be completely within the city of Miami. Usually, the rides favorite detours are in Coral Gables and Miami Beach, where officers have been more cooperative.

"All eyes appear to be on Miami Critical Mass and it's time for participants to prove the opposition wrong," Deed said.

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